British Hillclimb Championship – Rounds 7 and 8

Scott Moran in 3.5 Gould GR61X. Photo by Colin Payne

Nine class records were broken as the Avon Tyres British Hillclimb Championship made the first of two seasonal visits to Gurston Down Hillclimb on Sunday 27th May.

Scott Moran won the first BHCC Run Off from Tom New by 12 hundredths.

After qualifying third for the second Run Off, Tom New found a quarter of a second in the technical middle section of the course, winning the second Run Off and setting BTD with 26.38 seconds.

Results from the Day below.

BTD: Tom New, 4.0 Gould GR55, 26.38s

Darren Luke in Caterham 7 Hayabusa. Photo by Colin Payne

Avon Tyres BHCC Round 7
1. Scott Moran, 3.5 Gould GR61X, 26.40s
2. Tom New, 4.0 Gould GR55, 26.52s
3. Trevor Willis, 26.83s
4. Alex Summers, 1.3s DJ Firehawk, 26.95s
5=. Roger Moran, 3.5 Gould GR61X, 26.99s
5=. Wallace Menzies, 3.2 DJ Firestorm, 26.99s
7. John Bradburn, 3.5 Gould GR55, 27.11s
8. Will Hall, 3.5 Force V6, 27.19s
9. Oliver Tomlin, 4.0 Pilbeam MP97, 27.31s
10=. Lee Adams, 1.6 GWR Raptor, 27.60s
10=. Tony Wiltshire, 2.5 Gould GR55, 27.60s
12. Alastair Crawford, 2.8 Gould GR55, 27.64s


Tom New in 4.0 Gould GR55. Photo by Colin Payne

Avon Tyres BHCC Round 8
1. Tom New, 26.38s
2. Scott Moran, 26.50s
3. Trevor Willis, 26.72s
4. John Bradburn, 26.74s
5. Wallace Menzies, 27.23s
6. Will Hall, 27.46s
7. Roger Moran, 27.47s
8=. Tony Wiltshire, 27.57s
8=. Alex Summers, 27.57s
10. Oliver Tomlin, 27.60s
11. Lee Adams, 27.92s
12. Alastair Crawford, 27.97s


Class winners
Stephen Moore, 2.0t Mitsubishi Evo 6, 34.67s, new class record
Steve Harris, 1.6 BMW Mini, 46.24s
Tim Painter, 3.6 Porsche turbo, 36.61s
Darren Luke, 1.5 Caterham Hayabusa, 31.66s, new class record
Jim White, 1.4 Austin Mini Clubman, 36.44s
Karl Stevens, 2.0 Ford Escort Mk 2
Geoff Twemlow, 2.1t Subaru Impreza, 34.91s
Steve Holley, 5.2 TVR Griffith, 37.01s
Antony Orchard, 1.3t Westfield Megabusa, 31.77s
Mike Rudge, 2.3 Westfield SEi, 31.19s
Geoff Hunt, 1.6 Lotus 22, 33.83s
Gary Stephens, 1.7 Mallock Mk 21/24B, 32.70s
Graham Wynn, 1.6 Force LM, 30.58s
Rodney Thorne, 5.0 Pilbeam MP43, 30.48s
Olivia Cooper, 1.1 Force HC, 30.87s
Lee Adams, 1.6 GWR Raptor, 27.84s
Alex Summers, 1.3s DJ Firehawk, 27.23s, new class record
Scott Moran, 3.5 Gould GR61X, 26.59s
Robert Jacobs, 1.6 Caterham 7, 38.57s, new class record
Alan Bowler, 1.6 Caterham 7, 37.67s, new class record
Tom Price, 1.6 Caterham 7 Roadsport, 34.76s, new class record
Stuart Miller, 1.8 Caterham 7, new class record
Robert Grigsby, 2.3 Caterham 7, 32.92s, new class record
Simon Rogers, 1.4 Caterham Hayabusa, 32.06, new class record

Next Race Day at Gurston Down – June 23rd and 24th