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Stonehenge Traffic Regulation Order Enquiry

  The Stonehenge Traffic Regulation Order Enquiry will help decide access restrictions to vehicles near Stonehenge. English Heritage and Wiltshire Council are in favour of restricting vehicle access to the byways near the ancient monument whilst others such as the Druids oppose the plans. Read more about the Stonehenge Traffic Regulation Order Enquiry

Stonehenge enquiry

English Heritage have given Inside Wiltshire this statement: The closure of the A344 will bring significant improvements to the blighted setting of Stonehenge – part of the vision of the World Heritage Site Management Plan and the main reason for English Heritage to carry out the Stonehenge project. Visitors will have a much more open […]

World Record for The Number of People Playing Air Guitar Broken at WOMAD

The World record for the number of people playing air guitar all together has been broken at WOMAD festival. The previous record was set in Australia with 1,883 people in 2009 but festival goers broke this with a head count of 2,227. The crowd strummed along to Purple Haze by Jimmi Hendrix, led by UK […]