Festival of Light 2015 at Longleat

Festival of Light banner

A team of highly-skilled artists from Zigong in China’s Sichuan province created thousands of giant illuminated lanterns as part of The Festival of Light event which opened at Longleat on November 13th.

Among the extraordinary artworks was a 50-metre-long floating dragon boat, a five-metre-tall teapot set, the Chinese zodiac and a stunning recreation of the famous terracotta army.

The workers used more than 18 kilometres of silk, 20 kilometres of LED lighting and 76 tonnes of steel to create the spectacular glowing tableaux.

In addition to 23,000 individual lanterns, the team also constructed a twenty-metre-tall Porcelain Pagoda out of 80,000 porcelain cups, bowls and plates.

Zigong is renowned as the birthplace of Chinese lanterns and has been staging extravagant lantern festivals for more than 2,000 years.

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