Rundle Cup Day 2013

The glamorous Rundle Cup Day takes place annually in the grounds of Tedworth House in Tidworth garrison against the beautiful setting of Tedworth House, now a Personnel Recovery and Assessment Centre for sick, injured and wounded service personnel. It combines the dramatic speed and skill of two top class polo matches and the light-hearted good humour of a charity match on behalf of The Inspire Foundation, in which Zara Phillips played this year. Zara recently announced that she is having a baby with husband Mike Tindall but that didn’t stop her giving her all.

Zara was part of the Forensic Risk Association team (the eventers) who were battling Baylis & Harding (the jockeys). The game was fast and furious but the eventers won with Zara playing a key role. On the opposing team was Silent Witness actor Tom Ward. A furlong dash and wheelchair race finished the Inspire section of the day which was followed by a parachute display, the Pony Club Jorrocks Exhibition Match and the Indian Cavalry Polo Trophy match.

The main sporting event of the day however was the hotly contested Rundle Cup.

The Army polo team won a hard-fought victory over the Royal Navy at this year’s  match with some stunning play by both sides in baking temperatures. The final score was 7 – 5 after the Army set off with a purpose, keen to win back the cup after the Navy won it last year.

The Navy, with a handicap advantage of 2 points, scored within the first few minutes of the game, but Col Nick Hunter, chairman of Army polo, scored a fantastic goal moments later. ‘Andy-Murray-style’ playing by 2-goal player Lt Hiro Suzuki for the Navy saw him volleying and lobbying stupendous shots up and down the field, putting the Army under pressure, but excellent play from the Army saw them take the lead with all four riders scoring goals.

The winning Army Players were: Brigadier Piers Hankinson, Major Matthew Eyre Brook, Colonel Nick Hunter, Colonel Michael O’Dwer.


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