Sarum Lights: Heaven and Earth

Heaven and Earth is a new light installation by artist Peter Walker and composer David Harper of Luxmuralis, running from 9 to 13 November at Salisbury Cathedral to coincide with the final week of the UN Climate Summit, COP26.

It’s themed around the beauty and wonder of our earth and the universe with different areas exploring different aspects of that theme.

In pictures: Sarum Lights: Heaven and Earth

On the West Front, visitors are asked to contemplate the vastness of space and the fragility of our small blue planet. Entering the Cloisters they walk into an ‘other wordly’ galaxy of planets and zodiacs.Moving on, a 4m high space rocket reaches to the sky in the the South Transept.

In the Trinity Chapel at the East End, the oldest part of the Cathedral, the realities of global warming and threats to our planet are explored in a projection called Fate. This is followed by the Butterfly Project, an interactive display that encourages visitors to consider the role we can all play in protecting Earth.

Based around Edward Lorenz’s butterfly effect – the theory small things can create a major effect – individuals are encouraged to take a butterfly and write their pledges to protect our Earth and improve the world around us. These are added to an ever-growing cloud of butterflies suspended in the North Transept, with images of a turning Earth and a butterfly projected above.

At the Spire Crossing two ‘stories’ alternate. Looking West, towards the Cathedral’s West Doors, visitors are taken on a 24-hour journey through clouds, sea and forest, with the beauty of the world unfolding around them.

Turning East, towards the Quire, a second show contemplates human creativity, using images from the Pitt Rivers Museum in Oxford to create exploration of textures and art.

During the Nave show, the Quire will be adorned by nature-inspired William Moriis patterns, complimenting the Cathedral’s architecture.

It will take about an hour to view and tickets must be bought online as they can’t be bought on the door.

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