Winter Solstice 2014 at Stonehenge


The 2014 Winter Solstice is being celebrated at Stonehenge on Monday 22nd December. Thousands are expected to mark the shortest day and longest night at Stonehenge and Avebury.

The solstice is just after 11pm on 21st December and so the sunrise on 22nd is the nearest to that key moment. The sun will rise just after 8am.

The solstice is the point in time when one hemisphere of the planet reaches the point tilted most towards the sun and the other is tilted furthest away. In the northern hemisphere, that gives us the winter solstice in December whilst in the southern hemisphere it is the summer solstice.

Visitors will be able to access the stones as soon as it is light enough to do so safely.  Note that parking is very limited and there is a thirty minute walk, in low light, from the parking areas to the monument.

Salisbury Reds is running the 333 service from 6am to 7.25am from the New Canal in Salisbury, returning from Stonehenge between 8.10am and 8.30am.

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