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Wilton Classic and Supercar (WCS), Lord Pembroke’s annual celebration of high performance cars, is set for major reinvention for 2017. The event will be skipping a year for 2016.

WCS (formerly known as Wilton Classic Rendezvous and Supercars Day) has always had a very particular and unique atmosphere – more Old English and relaxed and elegant than the commercial feel of many other events. None of that is going to change, but the new show will be a lot bolder than before and with a whole new emphasis too.

“The new show will be All About the Story,” enthuses Lord Pembroke. “Because every car, old and new, has one: its design, its production, its use – racing, rallying, touring – maybe its discovery and restoration or, simply, its ownership. Our 2017 event is going to be celebrate the people and stories behind the cars we love.”

Pembroke started WCS seven years ago as a low key local event to raise money for a local charity, but encouraged by his decision to make it a two day event last year – the Saturday focusing on classic cars, the Sunday on modern exotics – it became clear that the potential existed to do something very new in the car event world. “So that’s what we’ve done,” declares Pembroke. “We are breaking away from the usual car show mould completely, with a host of new ideas and developments, a lot of it very interactive. I’m really excited!”

Central to the plan is Pembroke’s Wilton 100 – the 1st Annual Concours d’Histoire. It’s a show that focuses, not on a car ‘s value or condition (which is normally the case with traditional static Concours d’Elegance car shows) but on what the display cars have actually done. The plan is to show 50 cars, which between them have 100 stories to tell.

In addition to the Wilton 100, performance cars will remain a central part of WCS: 150 pre-1990 models on show on Saturday and the same number of post-1989 Supercars on Sunday. All entries are driven to the show on the day. It’s an amazing sight, and only at Wilton, hence the feature’s new name: The Wilton Wow!

Complementing the Wilton Wow! and The Wilton 100 will be another all-new display called the Wilton 6 Nations – a display divided into 6, each section focusing on one of the great car-producing nations of the world. Once again, 150 slots on the Saturday and Sunday, open to the public (applications online) with entries chosen according to the focus.


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