Sarum Lights: Renaissance

Luxmuralis’ Sarum Lights: Renaissance brings the works of the great masters to life with jaw-dropping light displays and evocative music at Salisbury Cathedral.

From the Botticelli-inspired projection on the West Front to an exploration of Da Vinci’s anatomical sketches and a breath-taking celebration of Renaissance art in the Nave, it promises to be a spellbinding journey into the world of the great Italian Renaissance masters.

Sarum Lights: Renaissance

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The Renaissance was a time of major transformation in all parts of European society – cultural, artistic, scientific, political, geographic and economic. Extending from the late 1400s to the 1600s, it is now seen period that bridges the gap between the so-called ‘dark ages’ and the modern world, producing artists, architects, musicians, philosophers and scientists who remain household names – not to forgetting, of course, the famous Medici family.

Discover history and art history anew through music and images – or simply pause, reflect and enjoy the experience as it evolves around you, transforming and enveloping the gorgeous medieval spaces.


Luxmuralis’ Sarum Lights: Renaissance runs from 8 – 12 Nov.


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