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Ice halo on moon above Wiltshire

On the night of 2nd February 2015 the full winter moon had a halo around it. Jupiter was also visible to the side. This weather phenomenen is caused by high altitude ice crystals which refract light. Ice crystals can cause other weather phenomenen such as sun dogs.

Longleat bids farewell to Chinese lanterns

A unique set of animal themed giant Chinese lanterns are set to be sold this week in a live online auction with proceeds going to The Duke of Cambridge’s African wildlife conservation charity Tusk. Longleat is to put up to 19 items for auction, all especially made by a team from China as part of […]

Sun dog spotted in Wiltshire

A sun dog was spotted in Coombe Bissett on 20th January 2015 at around 9am. A sun dog can also be known as a parherlion or mock sun and it is caused by ice crystals bending sunlight by different amounts creating the rainbow colours. Light refracts from the hexagonal ice crystals from cirrus clouds which are the […]

Thousands have their say as car parking consultation comes to an end

Almost 5,000 residents and businesses have had their say on Wiltshire Council’s parking review, which came to an end yesterday (January 19). Wiltshire Council started the comprehensive public consultation in October last year to hear people’s views on its car parking policy. The council is committed to reviewing the policy every four years, and the […]

Market Songs need 400 singers

The 2015 Ageas Salisbury International Arts Festival will launch with Market Songs, a large-scale music-theatre commission that will take over Salisbury’s Market Place and its surrounding streets for one summer evening. Composer Michael Betteridge is writing a new collection of market songs, rounds, choruses and cries that will explore the medieval trades around which the […]

Wiltshire drivers urged to stay safe on county roads over Winter

Drivers are being urged to keep safe on the roads this winter by slowing down and following precautions for the cold weather conditions. The total number of people killed or seriously injured annually from collisions on roads in the county has fallen over the past five years from 264 in 2009 to 165 in 2013. […]

Longleat Festival of Light on Blue Peter

Longleat’s Festival of Light is set to have a starring role on CBBC’s Blue Peter Christmas special on Thursday 18th December. The popular children’s programme followed the build process for the spectacular illuminations which are spread over 30-acres of the Wiltshire attraction. During filming presenter Lindsey Russell helped out with a number of the structures […]

Winter Solstice 2014 at Stonehenge

The 2014 Winter Solstice is being celebrated at Stonehenge on Monday 22nd December. Thousands are expected to mark the shortest day and longest night at Stonehenge and Avebury. The solstice is just after 11pm on 21st December and so the sunrise on 22nd is the nearest to that key moment. The sun will rise just […]

Seven months from Baptism to Bishop – the rise of the Boy Bishop

Salisbury’s new Chorister Bishop, Jason Kellinger, spoke entertainingly in his sermon last Sunday, 7 December, about his high-speed promotion from newly baptised member of the church to ‘bishop’ – and revealed that next year the Chorister Bishop would be a girl. “You should know that I was only baptised here in the Cathedral in May […]

Helping elderly people prepare for winter

Elderly people in Wiltshire can access financial support and practical advice on how to keep warm this winter. The Surviving Winter Fund charity gives out grants of up to £200 to residents who spend significant proportions of their income on heating their homes. The council is also funding a free advice service which reminds people […]