Salisbury Cathedral

Salisbury Cathedral  is a beautiful medieval building. Completed in 1258 it took only 38 years to build and it was designed in the English Gothic architectural style.

The spire at 404 feet  is the tallest in the country and this part was in fact a later addition. The cathedral towers above the diocese of Salisbury and can be seen clearly as you enter the city on the main roads from any direction.

As well as being a building of beauty, it is also a place of worship and the Mother Church to many parishes in Wiltshire and neighbouring Dorset.

Inside the building is the oldest working clock in the world, dated at around 1386. The clock is made from iron and has no face. There is also an original copy of the Magna Carta in the Chapter House.  It has been described as “the greatest constitutional document of all times – the foundation of the freedom of the individual against the arbitrary authority of the despot.”

The cathedral grounds include the Close – a walled area including Choristers Green and the Cathedral school.  It is also where former Prime Minister Ted Heath lived (he is now buried inside the cathedral).

Throughout the year, various events are held such as the Darkness to Light Advent Procession and you will often come across art installations too.

Salisbury Cathedral events are updated on their site here.

If you are in the Cathedral Close, you may also be interested in visiting Arundells.


Four surviving copies of the Magna Carta to be brought together for the first time in history in 2015

Five new Canons to be installed

New Bishop of Salisbury Cathedral enthroned