Salisbury Festival

Salisbury Festival has grown in size and importance since its beginnings in 1973 where it blazed into life with a performance by Paco Pena. Held annually from mid-May to early June in and around Salisbury, it includes an interesting mix of theatre, dance, film, music, visual arts and literary events based around a theme (changed each year). Free events are also included such as the opening night, street theatre over the Bank Holiday weekend and the Salisbury Live gigs in pubs across the city.

So far the festival can now boast 9 world Premieres, 2 UK Premieres and 1200 artists from 10 countries. It gains the interest of national media, including the BBC, The Telegraph, The Times, The Guardian and The Independent. Of the event Classical Music Magazine said: “Two weeks with a theme, a focus, a flair for cross-continental connections and a joyous sense of occasion” , The Times Knowledge  said “Top Five Events in 2009” and Nick Dodds, BAFA Chairman said “One of the most respected Festivals in the UK”.

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